Earth Watch: Craft Kafe

"Once you are in you are kind of hooked," said Cameron Cody Peterson customer at Craft Kafe.

Craft Kafe is not your average neighborhood coffee house.

"I wanted the customers to come in and feel like they’re in my dining room and kitchen at the same time. My whole premise was to recreate the bakery experience I grew up with, and other generations as well,and not have to worry about what you're eating" said Craft Kafe Owner Ted Skiaviotis.

Out front customers notice the upcycled wood wall art made by a local artist. The counter and tables are made of reclaimed wood too. In the back of the popular shop is where the magic happens-in the kitchen.

Everything at Craft Kafe is gluten free.

"Basically it means not having anything with a wheat or gluten, which is a composition part of wheat," Skiaviotis explained.

"There's definitely a science to gluten free. I figured it out with what I know from the regular pastry world and brought over here and learned the math, " said Craft Kafe Partner Edward Briones.

Cookies, cupcakes and even pizza are all made fresh in house daily.

"We use a cold mill process.  This is a low temperature process so it maintains vitamins and minerality. We freeze all our grains," Briones said.

"You don't feel gestated, you don't feel bloated.  You don't feel like the food is slowing you down throughout the day," said Peterson.

Some customers are shocked to learn they are eating gluten free.

"They say you mean the sandwich I'm eating every day is gluten free? That's probably the most gratifying thing in the whole process," Skiaviotis said.

Some enjoy the gluten free options other love the Buddy Brew coffee. At Craft Kafe a favorite is the Japanese slow drip coffee called kyoto drip.

"It takes 80% of the acid out of the coffee," explained Skiaviotis.

To-go containers are made of recyclable material. Even the water is purified through reverse osmosis.

"We need to respect the environment. The more we care the more empathy we have." said Skiaviotis.

Produce comes from local farms too.

"We do organic romaine lettuce. We buy from local farms like Glory Road Gardens," he said.

"The staff is super friendly, the food is really good," said Peterson.

"I think St. Pete there such a good heartbeat to it.  People gravitate when something is doing well," said Skiaviotis.