Ebay stops Bay Area company from registering domain name

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A Polk County middle school teacher is involved in a battle against a dot com giant.

It's not a fight the owner of a Bay Area organic food and natural product website ever expected to have, but now he's standing his ground for the sake of his company's name.

California-based e-commerce giant Ebay has stopped Justin Lewis from registering the domain name for his website. It's an online community designed to help consumers find places that sell organic food and natural products in their area. Its name is Naturebay.

When Ebay found out about Naturebay, it fired off a letter to Lewis. 

Essentially, Ebay says Naturebay is too close to the Ebay name.

In part, the letter reads: "Regardless of your intent, your use and registration of Naturebay for online directory or market place services will dilute the distinctiveness of Ebay and cause consumers to mistakenly believe that your online directory and business is somehow affiliated with Ebay."

Despite the fact that Lewis does not have an attorney right now, he says he is not going to cave.

"I have 120 students that I have told to stand up to bullying and I am very adamant about that," said Lewis. "And this for me is living what I preach."