Egmont Key Ferry: Hidden treasure of Tampa Bay

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One of the most beautiful, pristine spots for some R&R is the island oasis of Egmont Key and, unless you're a really brave swimmer, a boat ride is the only way to get there.

"It's about a 25 or 30 minute ride on a ferry boat to the island," explained the vice president of Hubbard's Marina, Dillion Hubbard.

Riding the ferry to the island from Fort De Soto, dolphins and manatees are a common sight.  

"Half the island is actually a reserve for sea birds, sea turtles and a lot of other wild life," Dillion said.

The ferry boat is 46-footer and is U.S. Coast Guard Certified.

"Egmont Key is the real Florida experience. A pristine, untouched nature preserve," Dillion said. "It's a cool way for people to see real Florida, you can say."