Elderly brother and sister recovering after truck crashes through living room

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An elderly brother and sister were sitting in their living room when a Chevy Silverado smashed through their front wall.

 Agnes Veasey, 87 and Ned Williams, 79, are recovering from minor injuries and they're thankful the crash wasn't worse.

The two were sitting in the living room of their Plant City home Wednesday when two vehicles collided at the intersection of Turkey Creek and Trapnell roads. The impact sent a Chevy Silverado careening through the front of the siblings' home.

"It sounded like an atomic bond, to be honest with you," Veasey told FOX 13. "Thank God I was alive. That's what I said. I don't know whether they can redo it, rebuild it or what."

Their neighbors heard the crash and ran over to help.

"The first thing, my mom is like, 'go around the back, see if they're okay!'" said Irwin Nieto who, along with his father, pried open the back door to get into the home. "We were like, 'Ned! Agnes!' There's no response."​​​​​​​

When they got inside, they could barely see anything.

"We couldn't see anything, but we could feel Agnes on the ground. We were like, 'Agnes, you okay?'" Nieto said. "[Ned] had part of the wall collapse on top of him and they were taking all of that off and we were able to pull both of them out."

Veasey and Williams are well known in the community; they've been running a produce stand out of their house for more than 40 years.

"They were just in a state of shock and disbelief that this happened," Nieto explained. "They've been like grandparents to us. We always take care of them so we just came running."

Veasey and Williams were treated for bruises and soreness and are expected to be OK.

"Man, I'm so blessed," Veasey said. "I'm 87 years old and I have seen a lot in my lifetime. Hadn't it been for God, I wouldn't be here this long."