Elderly couple finds love at senior living center

It's never too late to find your soulmate. A New Braunfels couple has shown that by celebrating their wedding in the senior living center where they met.

78-year-old Allen Seelhammer met his blushing bride when he moved into Brookdale New Braunfels just two months ago. 
“If I would've written the script, I couldn't have written it better,” Seelhammer said about their story.  

It may not have been love at first sight, but their relationship is special in its own way. 

“We just kind of fell in love with each other,” said Seelhammer. 

87-year-old Ann Hoover was drawn to Allen from the first time they read scripture together. 

“He's just as sweet and funny as all get out,” Hoover said.  

The couple quickly became inseparable. 

“She's spending an awful lot of time in my room,” Seelhammer said.  

“I'd rather stay there with him,” said Hoover.  

In fact, it only took 30 days for Allen and Ann to find a way to spend even more time together at the senior living center. 

“We said, ‘Oh, what the hell,’ and we decided that we'd get married,” said Seelhammer.  

Both Ann and Allen have wed before. 

“I had no intentions of ever getting married again,” Seelhammer said.  

“I didn't think it'd be possible at my age, but he doesn't seem to mind,” said Hoover.  
Allen said when you meet the right person “life begins.” The happy couple didn't want to wait another minute before beginning their lives together. 
“Who could turn down an opportunity like that? To have someone love you forever and ever, it's great,” Hoover said.