Embracing differences through art

In the shadow of a Florida sunset, Clifford McDonald works on his passion. "I just like to create be able to take a blank canvas and give it life," he said. 

McDonald is one of the global artists taking part in Embracing Our Differences, an outdoor international art exhibit in Sarasota.

“It’s incredible to see the different art and the different topics that we get every year,” offered Sarah Wertheimer, the executive director for Embracing Our Differences.

The goal of the exhibit is to use art to expose cultural differences. 

"Breaking down those barriers and becoming friends. Just really working together to make this world a kinder place for everyone," Wertheimer continued. "I think art is such a great way to bring people together from all different backgrounds and really make you see what's important about one another and why we can all get along."

The grass-roots effort started in 2004 to help children and adults become better citizens. This year, they had more than 11,000 entries from over 100 countries and 239 schools. 

"I think that I am at my best when I'm able to send a message and say something meaningful," McDonald said. 

The free traveling exhibit will be at Sarasota's Bayfront Park starting January 19 and ending March 15. 

LINK: For more information, visit www.embracingourdifferences.org