Equipment stolen from church construction site

John Foster is a construction missionary and said his calling is to help build God's houses.

His latest project is a new auditorium at the Southside Baptist Church in Tampa, but the project became more difficult when someone stole his tools from the site Christmas day. 

"It's not very God-honoring, that's for sure," explained Foster.

Thieves cut the lock to Foster's trailer and made off with around $6,000 worth of equipment; things like power tools and a paint sprayer. 

"I get up every day looking forward to going to work. I love what I do," Foster said. "Without what I have, I can't do what I do, and there's a lot left to do."

Pastor Kerry Nance said he was saddened by the news. He said the congregation has grown out of its old space. 

"The message of Christmas is giving and here you've got folks that are really being deceitful and selfish," said Pastor Kerry Nance.

And the congregation is behind that message. They have already stepped up to help replace what was taken.

"People have given. We've been able to purchase a few things, so hopefully we can get going pretty quick and not waste more time," said Nance.

Meanwhile, police continue to search for the person or people responsible for the theft.