Evacuees from Puerto Rico arrive in Central Florida

It was two days after Hurricane Maria passed through Puerto Rico that Ramon De Jesus was finally able to get out of his house. Immediately, he says, the desperation was clear.

"I was in shock of seeing everything outside.  There were people with water to their necks, trying to get out, because the river just went up," says De Jesus.

He evacuated from the island with his family two days ago, but he did so with a heavy heart. De Jesus says his father is in a coma at a hospital back home.

"I'm trying to medevac him. I hear there are some hospitals that they don't have gas right now... your heart is with your immediate family, but your other part of the heart is over there because you can't do anything."

De Jesus says he doesn't know how long he will be in Central Florida, but he says a move to Florida is likely permanent.

"The dimensions of the hurricane was too big for a little island like that."

De Jesus says he still hasn't been able to speak with his family on the island.