Exercise to build your bones

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Emalee Jansen is constantly sharpening her softball skills with running, throwing, and batting practice on the diamond. But she is also adding something different to her workout routine: Once a week, for 15 minutes, she uses a bio-density machine at Osteostrong.

"When I first started, I didn't think it would be that much of a change," she explained.

After starting weekly sessions six months ago, she took a break. Now she's back.

"I feel a lot faster and stronger, pitching-wise, I think I've gained about three or four miles per hour."

Kimberly Jansen is Emalee's coach and mother. She says she has seen big changes in her daughter.

"Big difference in softball, pitching speed, running speed, even the bat power," she offered.

Osteostrong tracks strength in four areas using sensors. It displays results and stores information in your own personal file. According to the company, the force on your bones is called osteogenic loading. Makers of the machine say when you reach a high level of force; it stimulates the cells in your body that build bone and muscle.

"Anybody can use it. We have people as old as 101 using it and as young as 12," says Bay Area franchise owner Greg Bennett.

He began researching the device after hearing about a friend with weak bones.

"I started hearing about all these women who break their hip and die. They were breaking their hip because of osteoporosis but they weren't strong enough to recover from the break," continued Bennett.

He admits he was skeptical about the $50,000 machine at first.

"I actually looked at it for three years because I was like everybody else: What can you do in 15 minutes?"

Greg says this machine increases strength in a way that differs from your local gym. It allows you to create forces beyond what any weight machine can provide.

No matter your goal, Bennett hopes more people will give Osteostrong a try. "If you come in and you actually run through the session, you will feel something, you'll feel better, you'll feel lighter, you'll feel stronger, you'll feel more relaxed."

The Bay Area franchise is on Fletcher Avenue in Carrollwood. A membership is $79 a month.