Expenses for some Thanksgiving staples see large increase

Some Thanksgiving staples, like butter, flour, and canned fruits are reporting some of the largest annual increases ever, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Butter and margarine are up more than 30%, flour is up 24%, frozen bakery products like pies increased by 20%, canned fruits are up 18% and frozen vegetables are up 16%. 

"We’re going to spend more money for thanksgiving this year than we’ve ever done before, and that’s just the way it is, and we’re fortunate that we can," said Ramon Perez, who is planning to host family for Thanksgiving.  

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Rising food costs are having a huge impact on American families, especially for those who rely on non-profits, so they don’t go hungry.

Metropolitan Ministries said the need for monetary and food donations is as important as ever as the holidays approach because of inflation, rent increases and because of Hurricane Ian.

"The average price for a turkey last year was a dollar 15 a pound, they’re telling us now it’s $1.99, it’s like a 75% increase, per pound in the cost for turkey, so if there’s ever a year you thought you’d help metro ministries and might help a family, this is a good year, these are circumstances that are heartbreaking for many families," said Tim Marks, the president and CEO of Metropolitan Ministries.

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Metropolitan Ministries has about 27,000 hams and turkeys ready for families for the holiday, but they expect close to 37,000 families needing help this holiday season.  So, that’s a 10,000-family deficit and Metro Ministries said they can only fill the gap from donations by the public.

To help meet the demand, the organization says it will have the most pop-up tents for food donations and pick-ups that it’s ever had, with 15 throughout Pasco, Pinellas, and Hillsborough Counties.

For more information on how to donate money, food, or sign up for the food assistance program, visit: https://www.metromin.org/