Experience skydiving without the fear at iFly Brandon

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If you've ever thought about skydiving, but the idea of jumping out of a plane sounds scary, there's a new business in Brandon where you can experience the rush without the fear.

iFly in Brandon lets people of all ages and abilities experience the feeling of flying in a safe, close-to-the-ground setting.

Flight instructor David Lang described the flight tube: “It’s a big tube we blow wind through to simulate the free-fall sensation.”

Fans under the floor produce wind speeds up to 120 miles an hour. It’s said to feel exactly like real skydiving.  

“The sensation is the same. We move through the wind the same. Our bodies interact with the wind the same,” Lang said.  

Andy Estevez got his flight booked as an anniversary gift.

“It is like a childhood dream; you feel like you’re actually flying,” he said.

Dawn Marchese, also a first-timer, quickly became a believer.

“I don’t care how old you are, how young... I’m older, up in age, trust me; had a blast,” she said.  “My heart is still going from it."

For more information on indoor skydiving, visit iflyworld.com.