Extraodinary Ordinary: Father & son open Seven C Music

There is a new sound in St. Pete that is striking a chord with customers and lovers of music.

"Guys who need their guitars use them as tools; we know that. Come on in— let us change the tires on your car and get you back out on the road— that kind of thing," David Hosler of Seven C Music told FOX 13 News.

David would know the importance of having your equipment in tip top shape. He’s a musician, and in the 80s and 90s he opened for Steppenwolf, Michael McDonald and others.

David also worked at Taylor Guitars for a number of years, where he came up with a handful of patents and designs. He eventually retired to St. Petersburg— that is until his son moved here to open the store.

“We're just two guys that want to welcome the community, love on them and to be able to help them and encourage them. Being able to do that by fixing up their guitars, there is nothing like it," Joel Hosler said.

Now, Seven C Music is a fixture on St. Pete’s 54th St. North, and the community is happy they’re there.

But why come out of retirement to work more?

David explained, "We think alike. We're family and I'm not sure if people can really express how great it is to work with your family. I work on guitars and design things, so to share that is great! If you hold something of value that you can give them, other than money to help ‘em get started in something— That’s worth coming out of retirement for. That’s why we opened the store."