Faith-based men's group gives foster families a helping hand

A Bay Area group of men is making a big difference in the lives of foster families.

Jeff Ford took FOX 13 along as he made a special delivery -- food from PDQ -- to a foster parent.

"It’s just a way to bless them and serve them bring a nice hot meal," Ford explained. "We believe that foster parents are unsung heroes because they are taking in these kids."  

Jeff is part of Man Up Tampa Bay, a faith-based group of men whose goal is to serve foster parents and foster children. 

For the past three weeks, the men have pick-up and delivered chicken tenders for more than 220 foster families.

"We just think that Jesus wants us to act and not just talk,” Ford said. “So that's what we are doing out here in the community. We're acting on behalf of the kids. We're acting on behalf of the foster parents."

PDQ's Jeff Kamis is glad to give the organization a discount. 

"Jeff and his team are doing so many incredible things for these kids and these families and we just wanted to do everything that we can to help out and do our part," Kamis explained.

The 60-member group was founded in 2017.

"These men give and they also are our volunteers,” Ford explained. “So they are out delivering these meals themselves and then they are also inviting their families their co-workers to deliver the meals.” 

Kamis said the goal of the program is to encourage foster children.

"The kids deserve better and that's what we are trying to do make their lives a little better," Kamis said.