Faith in Action: Gospel Jam

An elderly Pasco County woman is singing her heart out each and every Saturday to crowds in her community.

She has the aches and pains expected at her age, but music is something 93-year old Margaree Gray says never fails her.

"I do country, blue grass, and gospel. I don't have a blue grass voice, but I make it do!" laughed Gray.

To the Kentucky-native, it's second nature.  She's been singing since her mom dragged her and her sister to piano gigs at the age of 12.

"We had to. They didn't have babysitters back then," she said.

Today, she's the resident star of the CARES Elfers Senior Center. Each Saturday for the past 20 years, she's performed for her peers...singing solo, harmonizing, and pre-arthritis- strumming the guitar to her three favorite genres.

"Blue grass music is fast. Gospel music is sacred, tells you how to get to heaven. And country music, I like country music," Gray smiled.

So do the crowds. Her gospel jams have been known to draw in an average of 75 people per session.

"I love the people and I love to do it. It's part of me. When I can't sing anymore, I'm ready to go to heaven," she said.

That's exactly why Margaree says she's still singing.

"Every day is a blessing. Why am I still here?" she said.

She says her voice is her gift from God. And until the curtain closes, she's going to share it.

"Maybe my work ain't done," Gray smiled.

Margaree's being honored for her service to the CARES Elfers Senior Center on Saturday, January 16th. The public is welcome to attend.