Families displaced 1 week before Christmas due to unsafe living conditions

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Two families say they've been forced to share a hotel room after they were told to leave their mobile homes because of unsafe conditions.

The Lealman Fire Department inspected the Fox Hole Mobile Home Park on Friday and shut off the power in two mobile homes because of a fire risk. The risk was created by exposed wires and crowded electrical outlets, fire chief Jim Millican told FOX 13.

Chief Millican and the neighbors blame owner Pamela Carnesi for not having repairs made in a timely manner. The chief said he gave Carnesi more than a year to bring the mobile homes up to code.

Carnesi refused to talk to FOX 13 on camera Sunday, but did answer questions in a phone call. Carnesi promised the necessary repairs would be made on Monday.

Jimmy Kim's family has been split up by the displacement. He and his wife were forced to send their son to his grandparents because of the unsafe conditions.

"He understands that it's a situation here that he can't be apart of. But he doesnt understand why we can't be together for Christmas. That's the hard part," said Kim.

The residents who are displaced worry the repairs will continue to be neglected.

"Our family, this community is falling apart because of the disarray. We just found out. Everyone is on pins and needles in the park," said Kim.