Family desperate for answers after Tampa woman dies in Brazil

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A Tampa family is desperate for answers after their sister mysteriously died while in Brazil just weeks before her birthday. 

It has been almost two weeks since 32-year-old Danielle Davila's death, but the family has yet to learn what happened.

According to family, the talented musician and devoted mother had spent the past two months in Brazil with her 12-year-old son, Aaron, who lived in the country with his father. 

Hoping to make her time with her son more frequent, Danielle, a Tampa native, had spent the last part of her trip looking for a place of her own. She told her family she had found the perfect home.

"She found this place called Paraty in Rio de Janeiro. It's beautiful here," said Claudia Davila, Danielle's older sister.

However that beautiful place quickly turned into a nightmare after Danielle's naked body was found in her bedroom.

"She was found what looked like she was sleeping," said Davila. "Her door was unlocked and cracked open."

Authorities have labeled the death 'mysterious.' However, the only information family has received from officials is a brief police report listing a few of her recovered belongings.

"They just gave me a piece of paper- her passport, her drivers license, her ID, her credit cards and her phone," said Davila. "Like you guys didn't take any evidence to check just in case it could be something else?"

Twelve days since Danielle's death, her family is still without any answers.

"We don't know the cause of death so I don't know what happened, and I don't have enough information to understand what exactly happened to her."

With the cause of death still unknown, Danielle's body has been locked away. Her family has been unable to take her back to the States.

"We just want to be able to take her home, cremate her, give her rest," said Davila.

With their frustration mounting, their determination grows.

"We were promised that for sure, 100 percent Friday, we were going to get the results. It's Friday."

The family has vowed that they won't return home without their Danielle or the truth. 

On Monday, the family plans to make the six hour trip to the nearest consulate to see if anyone can help them get answers.