Family loses everything in fire 1 week before Christmas

A Hernando family is lucky to be alive after a fire destroyed their home over the weekend-- thanks to smoke alarms that had been installed the very same day. 

Citrus County Sheriff's Office posted about the incident on their Facebook page, calling it "a true Christmas miracle." 

Carol Tucker was asleep in bed with her 9-month-old grandson at the time the fire broke out, and told FOX 13 that the smoke was so thick she had difficulty even finding the child so that they could escape. 

Tucker said they had been having issues with their air conditioning unit filling the home with smoke. They called the fire department earlier that day, who discovered that their smoke alarms did not work and replaced them.

The landlord also had someone come take a look at the air conditioning unit. The family says the technician told them everything was okay and turned the power back on. 

But just hours after the smoke detectors were installed and the family was given the all-clear, disaster struck. 

Thankfully, they have their lives. But less than a week before Christmas, their lives are all this family has. 

But while the family, including an eight-month-old baby and their six dogs are safe, they are now homeless--spending the night in a tent with nothing but the clothes on their backs less than one week until Christmas. 

The family set up a GoFundMe page in hopes that the community can help them. Their immediate needs, including food and diapers, are listed below. Donations can be dropped off at 6726 N. Birch Terrace, Hernando, FL., or through their GoFundMe page here.

  • Size 2 diapers
  • Stage 1 infant milk, Gold can
  • Baby wipes
  • Easy to prepare meals
  • Generator
  • Gas for generator
  • Battery operated lights
  • Dog food
  • Water
  • 9-12 mo baby clothes
  • Men's white t-shirt medium
  • Size 30x32 men's jeans