Family of hit-and-run victims hopes tips lead to arrest

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Three orange circles are the only visible sign of the tragedy that happened Tuesday night at the intersection of Gulf Gate Drive and Mobile Gate Drive.

"It is very upsetting to realize people simply do not care anymore," said Florida State Trooper Ken Watson.

That is the area where 61-year-old Lynn Taylor was hit by a car. Instead of stopping to help, or call 911, troopers said the driver left her in the middle of the roadway leading to her sister's home.

"You certainly wouldn't want your mom, your daughter, your sister laying in the middle of the road and fleeing the scene," said Trooper Watson.

Troopers said it happened around 7:40 Tuesday evening. Unfortunately, no witnesses have come forward, so far. They ask anyone who may have even the smallest detail to come forward.

"We do not have any evidence at all and that's why we need the public to help us," said Trooper Watson.

Those who know Lynn are torn to pieces. Pictures on Facebook show happier times of a trip she took to Greece just a few weeks ago. Shane Kisiah and his family have lived next to Lynn for 16 years.

"She has pretty much watched my son grow up. We moved here right after my son was born and she has always brought things over for him. She's always been really good," said Kisiah.

Like everyone else, Kisiah can't fathom why the driver didn't stop.

"I don't know what would be going through somebody's head that they would hit somebody and then leave them laying there in the road," he said.

He hopes a change of heart will compel the driver to come forward because Lynn deserves it.

"She has just always been a good person," he said.

Troopers say, when found, the driver will face felony charges. Anyone with information about the crash, the hit and run vehicle and or driver is asked to contact Trooper Christopher Chan at (941)-492-5850 or dial *FHP.