Family searches for Good Samaritan who saved driver

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William Land wants to know who saved his life.

"The last thing I remember is leaving here and getting on the interstate. The next thing I remember is waking up in the hospital."

Pictures of Land's car show a pole through the windshield and the front passenger seat.

"It's hard to believe I was going that fast, to put a pole through the windshield, through the passenger seat."

On Wednesday, on his way home after dropping his sister at a doctor's appointment, he had a seizure. Just before exit 33, his car went off the eastbound lanes. After about a thousand feet, it bashed through a fence, and went into a pond, several feet into the muck.

While he was unconscious, an angel was at work. A passing driver, who saw the calamity, stopped, ran down, and pulled him out from under.

"I want to touch him, I just want to touch their face, I want to thank him," said Land's sister, Charlotte Cumbie.

Land only spent two hours in the hospital, without even a broken bone. The accident report doesn't list any witnesses, so whoever did it left without giving a name. Without him or her, or even if he was a foot to the right, he'd likely be dead.

"When I seen how close, I just went to my knees," said Cumbie. "My vehicle doesn't mean anything to me. My brother means everything."

But the lifelong epilepsy patient isn't thinking about himself. He's thinking about the others who his seizure endangered.

"I am lucky. I didn't have anybody in that passenger seat," said Land. "I am lucky it went off to the right instead of the left because that would have went into oncoming traffic. I don't know what I would do if I had hurt somebody else."

That trip also marked the last one he will ever have behind the wheel. He promised Friday to turn in his driver's license.