Fans of the Tampa Bay Rays get a much-needed boost with 'Mental Health Mondays'

In these uncertain times, it's understandable to have a hard time wrapping your head around the new normal.

The Tampa Bay Rays is stepping up on social media to help fans through their mental and emotional challenges. They're secret weapon: Justin Su'a, mental performance coach. 

"Some common principles are: to normalize it," Justin SU'a told FOX 13. "Normalize that these feelings of uncertainty and doubt and worry is huge. You're not mentally weak to feel sad or scared. Just to know it's going to happen.".

Every Monday, they host "Mental Health Mondays" where they release a video on Twitter to help their followers look at things a bit differently and gain a little perspective.

"Get the physio-fundamentals down. Get your sleep and under control, eating healthy, exercising. Get your exercise in is huge and then...I don't mean to be trite but focusing on what you can control," Justin explained. "There is so much that we can't control. What can you control whether it be your attitude, what you do every day, the people you connect with every day, those principles. Those are fundamentals. Do those right and you'll be a lot better off."

You can find the #MentalHealthMondays on the team's Twitter account: @raysbaseball.