Fans watch Bucs game in London from local English pubs

In only the second NFL game ever played in London's Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, the Buccaneers and the fans who caught planes to watch them will fly home without a win. 

The final score: 37-26. 

A majority of Tampa Bay's fans couldn't make it across the pond to cheer in the stands, so they did the next best thing; They found English pubs. 

"I do have a lot of friends that are over there but work gets in the way," explained Jim Soroells, who watched the game from a bar seat at Yeoman's Cask and Lion. "It doesn't matter where I am as long as I'm celebrating. That's what matters."

Yeoman's is a authentic English Pub located in Downtown Tampa. 

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On Sunday morning the pub teamed up with Pewter Report to throw the ultimate British Bucs Fan party.

Even when the score was down, spirits remained up across the pub, because Bucs fan describe themselves as a dedicated group. 

"You have to be willing to ride or die with this team," explained super-fan Adam Horn. "This team is not for the faint of heart." 

Fans at home reckoning with the 11-point loss will certainly agree.