Father and son encounter waterspout during fishing trip off Clearwater

A father and son's fishing trip off the coast of Clearwater turned into an experience they will never forget when they started catching fish near a waterspout.

Payton Philipson told FOX 13 him and his father, who operate a family-owned business called Philipson's Jewelry in Clearwater, were about 70 miles offshore fishing for grouper when they spotted the waterspout. 

And they couldn't resist getting a closer look.

"We've seen a lot of waterspouts while fishing, but we've never gotten so close before," he told FOX 13. "The grouper bite was really hot around it so it was, for us, hard to leave. We were catching some huge red grouper."

Philipson captured video of the incredible encounter showing the close proximity their boat was to the waterspout. He shared the video on Facebook writing: "Dad- "Waterspout" ... Me - "Wanna get closer?"

He said, as tempting as it was, the weather continued to get worse, so they had to head back shore.