Feds blew up 7,700 pounds of explosives hoarded by convicted Sarasota man

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A Florida man had over 7,700 pounds of explosives in his possession, and after his conviction, federal officials no longer needed it as evidence.

So, they blew it all up.

In December 2018, Marc Jason Levene, a Sarasota man, was sentenced to five years in prison for possessing those explosive materials as a convicted felon. He also had to forfeit almost four tons of explosive fuses and flash powder.

Federal officials learned Levene was selling explosive fuses online through a website called: ThePyroPro.com. After obtaining search warrants at his home and storage unit, officers found 7,700 pounds of explosive fuses and hundreds of rounds of ammunition.

The seizure was the largest of its kind in Florida's history. After Levene's sentencing, federal officials said there was no need to keep the explosives since the criminal case was over. 

The U.S. Air Force Civil Engineers announced Monday they brought the commercial explosives to Avon Park Air Force Range to properly dispose over 200 boxes of the explosives – safely away from the public.

All 7,700 pounds of it was detonated.