Female paranormal investigators probe the spirit world

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Some unusual happenings at Steven Myhre's Tampa Palms home caught his attention.

"There's a light above the shower and that occasionally goes on and off," said Myhre. “I've looked for short circuits broken wires. I can't find any evidence that there's a problem."

He's also heard sounds from the attic. 

So he called in the Female Paranormal Investigators. They think he's on to something. 

"My sister and I have seen some shadow figures in the home and definitely have certain energies that are in rooms in this house," observed investigator Linda Fay.

The team placed dolls all around the house to attract spirits.

"Some of them are haunted dolls. We do have some from the 1900's, we have some that are current. So we just bring them out as trigger objects to try to solicit responses," explained Fay.

They also have cameras designed to go outside of the spectrum of what they can see and a device to detect a range of sounds.

"The thought is that the radio frequencies will allow spirits to come through and spirit voices to come through," said Fay.

They scanned the living room with the camera.  "If it sees arms and legs it will show it as a stick figure. It also detects energy levels so it will turn different colors.”

They detected something.

They found more activity in the corner of Myhre's bedroom, where a doll was surrounded by religious artifacts.  

Myhre feels whatever it is, it doesn't mean any harm. 

"I have no fear of the entities that are here. My parents have both passed away. It could be their spirits. I have two friends that have passed away," said Myhre.

Then there's the abandoned zombie house next door.

"It's possible. The lady next door passed away in the house," said Myhre.

The investigators said it isn't their job to scare ghosts away, but to give homeowners peace.

"Just a sense of, sometimes, relief. It could be a loved one. Just a sense of what's here so that fear is just kind of taken away,” said Fay.  

Myhre may have a haunted house, but he's OK with that.

"It isn't scary to me at all. I have no fear of it. If you believe in life after death, you have to believe that's possible that there could be spirits around," said Myhre.

LINK: For more information about the Female Paranormal Investigators, visit https://www.ghostsvsgadgets.com/