FHP trooper saves woman, arrests her

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Dashcam video shows a Florida Highway Patrol trooper break through a woman’s car window in an effort to save her life.

But after the woman recovered, that same trooper placed her under arrest.

The trooper responded to a traffic crash on eastbound I-75 - also known as alligator alley - late Wednesday evening.

He noticed one vehicle on the shoulder with a female driver inside. 

The trooper tried to wake up the woman but couldn't. So he broke through the rear window to try and get to the driver.

That's when he discovered she had no pulse.

He broke through the driver's side window to get her out of the car, carried her out, found she wasn't breathing and began administering CPR.

In a video released by FHP, you can hear the trooper pleading with the woman to wake up and after a while, you can hear the relief in his voice when he hears her heart start beating.

Emergency medical services arrived and transported her to Physicians Regional Hospital where she was treated and released.

Once she was out of the hospital the trooper placed the women - identified as Cory Lynn Webster of Delray Beach - under arrest for driving under the influence and driving with a suspended license.

A breath test revealed her alcohol level was at .39 - which is well above the legal limit.

FHP says results of her drug screening are pending.