FHP: Woman admitted to being driver hit-and-run that killed Vietnam veteran

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The woman who allegedly admitted to being the driver in a hit-and-run crash that killed 73-year-old Gary Edward Gogolowski doesn't yet face any charges, but that could change soon.

The Florida Highway Patrol says Gogolowski was driving on U.S. 301, near Ranch Road, Saturday when his car broke down.

As he stood on the shoulder of the roadway, troopers say Kelsey Lane Scheg hit and killed him with her car, which was later found at her Zephyrhills home with extensive front-end damage,

Neighbor Cathy Munn said Scheg has a small child and lives with her boyfriend but they kept to themselves.

"It's just very shocking. You just don't expect something like that is going to happen practically in your back yard," said Cathy.

The day of the crash, Scheg was taken into custody under the Baker Act after police were called out to a home on Alpha Avenue in Pasco County.

Investigators say she was under the influence of drugs and alcohol and later admitted to hitting someone on the side of the road.

On Gogolowski's Facebook page, there are pictures of him during his days in the military. A friend of his told  FOX 13 he was a Vietnam veteran who was awarded three Purple Hearts.      

On his wife Deborah's Facebook page, she posted pictures of the two vacationing and sharing special memories.

Tragically, those memories are all she has left.