Files: Fired Indian Rocks Beach city worker had history of trouble on the job

A solid waste worker in Indian Rocks Beach went a violent rampage after being told he was fired. 

FOX 13 News obtained 52-year-old Errol Gray’s termination letter and personnel file, which shed light on exactly what happened, and his issues on the job over the last 10 years.

Gray was fired a week ago by his boss at Indian Rocks Beach City Hall. He had worked for the city of Indian Rocks Beach Solid Waste Department since 2009. 

According to the files, he met with his public services supervisor last week to discuss an issue with insubordination. The termination letter outlines how the department head didn't plan to fire Gray, but changed his mind after things got out of hand.

Pinellas County deputies say Gray viciously beat up his boss and another employee at City Hall.

“During this meeting, it got pretty heated and he was informed by the supervisor that he was being terminated,” said Pinellas County Sgt. Spencer Gross. “Mr. Gray became angry about this and he struck the victim numerous times with his fists about the head, the torso. The victim actually fell on the ground and he was kicked numerous times.”

Arrest paperwork says the 58-year-old man was sent to the hospital with cuts, bruises, and a cracked rib.          

According to Gray's termination letter, another public services staff member who witnessed the assault tried to call 911, but Gray started attacking her before jumping into a city truck and “violently revving its engine and circling City Hall.”

“They had this whole street blocked off, two sheriffs were kinda blocking this road, so we knew something was going on,” Jill Crawford said.

The 52-year-old was eventually arrested about a half-mile away, admitting to deputies he wanted to ram the truck through City Hall and into the city manager’s office.

Gray's four-page disciplinary letter says the violent outburst violated multiple city policies. And this wasn't his first time getting in trouble on the job. The document says "...the city, more often than not, used a 'light touch' and did not even suspend you for incidents which, under a progressive discipline scheme, should have resulted in much more severe punishment."

FOX 13 News obtained Gray's 87-page personnel file. The paperwork shows Gray has been written up at least seven times over his 10-year employment in the Public Services Department, being suspended without pay for nine days for careless driving, preventable accidents and damaging his city truck.

His first incident happened about three weeks after being hired full time in 2009.

FOX 13 News reached out to Gray’s supervisor to see if he wanted to comment on-camera about the attack. The Indian Rocks Beach city manager replied saying the employee is still out of work recovering, and the city has no comment about the ordeal.

No one answered the door at Gray’s Pasco County home Wednesday.