Find out if you're owed money from the circuit court clerks

There's usually no such thing as free money. There always has to be strings attached, but not in this case. 

Right now, circuit court clerks around the state are writing up lists of people who are owed money. If your name is on one of those lists, you could get at least $100, maybe much more.

The money comes from a variety of sources. The courts may have sent you a check for being a juror, and it may have gone to the wrong address, or it may have gone to the right address, and you didn’t realize it.

"Many people aren’t used to paper these days, and they throw them away," Stacy Butterfield, clerk of the circuit court in Polk, told FOX 13.

To find out if you are owed money, check out the website of the clerk of the circuit court where you live.

But don’t delay. You have to claim your money by September 1, or it will be forfeited to the state.