Fired officer's second day in court on sexual assault charge

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Defense and prosecutors on the sexual assault case against former Tampa Police Officer Adam York are working to put together pieces of testimony given by the alleged victim. 

During one of her police interviews, York's accuser shuts down when pressed for answers.

"I know, but he's being an a**hole about it. I'm done talking," she cried out.

After cooling off, she begins talking. The woman tells investigators she was in Clearwater and on her way back from one date and headed to another. But in an earlier interview, she gave a different account.

Attorney Anthony Rickman reviewed court documents for FOX 13 News.

"She tells the police she was at a friend's house in Clearwater," said Rickman.

As she drove back, she says she was stopped by Officer York for speeding. She admitted she was driving drunk and started flirting with the officer to get out of going to jail.

"I would flash you if you asked me to flash you. Like, flashing is no big deal to me," explained the accuser of her attitude toward the encounter. But she claims things quickly go from flirting to fondling.

Detective: At some point, you remember him asking you to pull your pants down?

Accuser: He did tell me to pull down my pants. He told me to do it two times.

Detective: Where were you?

Accuser: I pulled it down and I pulled them up and he told me to pull them down again. That's when his hands were down there.

But during another police interview, her story had some changes.

"At some point in time, she says she touched herself at the request of the officer. Now, she doesn't mention any of this in the initial interview," explained Rickman.

Prosecutors may also have a hard time explaining why the accuser refused a full medical exam and later erased all her phone contacts and her Tinder account. Depositions in the case have yet to scheduled.