Firefighters say more stations needed in Hillsborough County

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The Hillsborough County Fire Fighter's Union is urging county leaders to build more fire stations in order to keep up with the growing demand.

During the public comments section of the county commission meeting, Wednesday, union leaders spoke about the need for more resources.

According to Derrick Ryan, president of the fire fighter's union, this is a matter of public safety.

"We're at that point where we are nervous for the citizens of this county," said Ryan.

Hillsborough Fire Rescue currently has 44 stations spread across the county, but both Ryan and Chief Dennis Jones agree there's a need for more.

Chief Jones said it affect response times, especially during high-traffic hours.

"We still do a very good job achieving close to our goals on response times, but that's something that's becoming much more difficult as the population continues to grow," Jones said.

In 2017 the department asked the county to allocate enough funding to build 25 more fire stations, but it was never approved.

Jones hopes commissioners reconsider this year.