Fish dropped by seagull smashes windshield of parked SUV

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Looking out the front office window of Florida Eye Specialists in Brandon, Debbie Cornelison saw a seagull struggling to fly away with a large fish it captured from the water nearby.

As she watched, the seagull lost control of its prey and managed to ruin the day of an unsuspecting ride-share driver whose windshield was smashed by the flying fish.

It happened Wednesday, July 18. Florida Eye Specialists is located near Hendrics Lake, which could be where the seagull plucked its dinner.

Unfortunately, the bird didn't get to enjoy its meal.

After it fell from the sky, the fish smashed the windshield of a parked vehicle. Cornelison took photos of the fish laying on the SUV's hood.

It's unclear whether the vehicle's owner has insurance that covers flying fish.