Fish hooks found in meatballs at Volusia Co. dog park

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The Volusia County Sheriff's Office is warning dog owners after fish hooks were found in raw meatballs at a popular park. 

In a post on Facebook, the sheriff's office said a deputy was sent to the dog park at Bicentennial Park after someone reported the dangerous find.

The deputy confirmed the report when she found 5 balls of meat with small fish hooks embedded inside them at the small dog area of the park. Another deputy, Deputy Bowen came to help and documented what was found. 

The deputy witnessed a dog eating one of the meatballs. That dog was taken to a local vet, Tomoka Pines Veterinary Hospital, which says X-rays revealed the dog did not ingest any hooks. Veterinary staff said they were not going to test the meat for chemicals but did find hooks in the meat that was brought there with the dog.

Meanwhile, back at the park, Deputy Bowen noted the meat was still cold and seemed to have been previously frozen. The meat appeared to have the consistency and smell of liverwurst, according to the deputy.

The deputy didn't find any witnesses who saw the meatballs being placed at the park.

Deputy Bowen contacted parks and recreation personnel as well as Volusia County Animal Control. The parks were temporarily closed while officials searched for any more possible contaminated meat.

After multiple searches with negative results on locating any more items, the parks were reopened.

The sheriff's office says there is still no information on who placed the meat, but says Deputy Bowen took a similar report two years ago where meat stuffed with pills was located inside the small dog park.