Flooding, sewage issues plague Pinellas Co.

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Pinellas County got a heavy helping of rain Wednesday, leaving streets flooded and some sewer systems overloaded. On Donegan Road, North of Ulmerton Road, manhole cover spewed sewage for hours into the grass.

TS Hermine hasn't even made landfall but the city of Largo says parts of sanitary sewer system are exceeding capacity. That's because the extra groundwater is infiltrating the sanitary sewer pipes.

They're asking people to conserve water as much as possible and to cut back on things like washing clothes and dishes. Neighbors tell us it's a chronic problem.

We saw several neighborhoods like Kings Manor and Whispering Pines with flooded streets. If you were driving a smaller vehicle, the entrance to Whispering Pines was about as far as you could park.

"My car won't make it through here. It's way too deep. I have a Lexus. It's not going in," said Melissa Lewis.

"Had to go get milk so I had to walk because I can't take my car out," April Mirochine said.

Further south in Gulfport, Shore Boulevard and nearby streets were filling up with water. But there, the mood was a little more laid back.

"We are just making the best of it, see what happens," said Matt Bottdorff of Little Tommie's Tiki Bar.

While some businesses are closing up shop, others invited locals in to relax and weather the storm.

"We were gonna close for the day but I decided that just for the locals, to be here for the locals in case they want to come out," Bottdorff said.

Kids are also finding a silver lining to the storm. Pinellas County Schools are closed Thursday. That goes for all students and staff. Whether not schools will reopen on Friday depends on what the storm brings our way.