Florida attraction lets you drive tanks, crush cars

For adrenaline junkies, Florida is a paradise. There are many places to shoot a gun if you want, drive a race car, even jump out of a plane. But what if you wanted to drive one of the heaviest, most powerful military vehicles in the world? 

Welcome to Tank America. It's a military-themed amusement park about two hours across the state in Melbourne. They offer special ops laser tag, and the ultimate experience, driving armored vehicles.

Sitting on 40 acres filled with trees, trails, and mud, people from across the state and across the world come here to live out their warrior fantasies. In fact, they just hosted a bachelor party from London. 

"They came all the way over here just to do some tank driving, because for a bachelor party, it's an awesome way to go," offered Tank America operator John Kinney.

And the experience is all too real. 

"We're gonna let you drive through mud, we do a mudhole that's about four feet deep. We've got about a 15-foot hill and a bunch of obstacles that you'll drive through,” Kinney explained. 

You can even crush cars while driving an armored personnel carrier. And if you think this experience is just for the guys, Kinney said not so fast. 

"I've seen 17-year-old girls on their phone the entire time. They're blown away," he laughed.

The rides start at around $300. 

LINK: To learn more about Tank America, visit: www.tankamerica.com

VIDEO: Watch FOX 13's Mark Wilson crush a car