Florida drivers get hit with highest gas prices in nearly 8 years

Gasoline prices in Florida have jumped another 12 cents a gallon and are at their highest level since July 2014, the AAA auto club said Monday.

The average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gas Sunday was $3.47, up 27 cents from a month earlier and 98 cents from a year earlier.

Crude oil prices continue to increase, and gas prices are expected to jump another 10 to 15 cents in the coming weeks.

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"Unfortunately, with oil prices being as high as they are, it’s unlikely that we’ll see any significant relief in prices at the pump anytime soon," AAA spokesman Mark Jenkins said.

Geopolitical issues in Eastern Europe have combined with colder than average temperatures to create the rapid increase, he said.

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"There remains a lot of concern about global supplies, especially when it relates to the potential situation with Russia and Ukraine, and whether that could lead to sanctions," Jenkins said. "So, there is just a lot of uncertainty."

The most expensive gas in Florida was in West Palm Beach, while the cheapest was in the Panhandle markets of Pensacola, Panama City and Fort Walton Beach.