'Florida Imagined' exhibit showcases works made by disabled artists

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The University of Tampa showcased a unique collection of art made by persons with disabilities at their Scarfone Hartley Gallery.

Art can be a means for someone who otherwise cannot verbally communicate to express themselves.

"The arts happen to be the best venue for that," said Jocelyn Boigenzahn, director of the gallery. "They truly use the visual to share what they are thinking and feeling."

The University of Tampa collaborated with Arts4All Florida, PARC, Pyramid, Project Return and the McDonald Training Center to put together this collection.

"I think that this is the way people learn about what's available as resources, but also truly the heart that's in Tampa," Boigenzahn said.

The "Florida Imagined" exhibit showcased life in Florida through the eyes of these artists with different disabilities.

"We happen to be a location that's available for showing all sorts of things like this," said Boigenzahn.

The exhibit wrapped up June 1 on the university's campus.