Florida man pretends to be homeless, gives $100 to those who tried to help

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A Florida man pretended to be homeless to pay it forward during the holiday season.

The surprising exchanges between Brian Breach and unsuspecting people occurred outside a Target store in South Florida. Breach was seen holding a sign that read, “Homeless: Just need a little help to feed my family through the holidays.” Whenever someone handed him money, he handed them  $100.

He said he came up with the idea a few days before Christmas as a way to give back. This week, he put the plan into action and began handing out crisp Benjamin Franklins to anyone who gave him a dollar or coin. The reaction to his good deed, left many speechless. It was all caught on camera.

“One woman actually came back and she offered to get me food,” he tells WSVN. “She asked me what I want for dinner or lunch. One gentleman came back and he had his son. He said, ‘I want to teach my son how to give.’ I thought it was incredible.”

Breach also said another man started crying, while another recognized him from other social media videos he did

“All positive reactions,” he recalled. “Everybody was shocked, a couple of tears and it felt really good to give during these holidays.”

Full video can be viewed below: