Florida man steals weapons, posts photos of them on Snapchat, deputies say

The Pasco County Sheriff's Office didn't have a hard time tracking down a recent burglary suspect. In fact, the alleged gun thief made the job pretty easy for them, posting a video of stolen guns on social media just hours after the crime.

23-year-old Steven Jeffcott is in the Pasco County Jail facing felony charges of armed burglary and firearm theft. The break-in happened Feb. 4th. He might've gotten away with the crime if it hadn't been for his affinity for the Snapchat app and a woman who quickly recorded what she saw.

Last Monday, Sarah Greer was scrolling through Snapchat when a video caught her attention. She didn't know what it was but knew it wasn't good.

"We'd had someone shoot at our cows before," Greer said. "This video pops up of this kid shooting at a pasture and I'm like, well how stupid can you be? You're posting on Snapchat."

So, she recorded it and then, posted it on Facebook, "to warn the community, we have a guy out here shooting at animals, shooting at people's houses," Greer said.

Little did she know, just hours before, there had been a break-in on Lynbrook Drive in Zephyrhills.

"He broke into a house, stole three weapons and a watch," said Pasco County Sheriff's Office Community Relations Director Kevin Doll. "Less than four hours later, he posted him with some of those weapons on social media."

The victim saw the images and called the Sheriff's Office. "He knew once he saw the weapons on social media that they very well were his weapons," Doll said.

On February 9, deputies arrested 23-year-old Steven Jeffcott on armed burglary and firearm theft charges.

He's no stranger to the law. In 2016, he was dubbed the "Bologna Bandit" for breaking into a home, helping himself to lunch meat in the fridge and then, taking a nap.

Greer never expected her video - of his video - would lead to an arrest.

"You do a crime, you do something stupid, you're gonna get caught," Greer said. "You've got to own up to it. I mean, he might have been your friend, but your friend got himself in this situation."

Moral of the story: if you commit a crime and post it on Facebook, your profile pic will become a mug shot and your face will be booked right into jail.

"This is not the first example of criminals posting pictures of their deeds on social media," Doll said. "If they keep doing it, we'll keep making arrests."

It’s not the first time Jeffcott was arrested by the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office. Back in 2016, he was accused of breaking into a home, making a sandwich, and fall asleep inside the victim’s house. He was arrested for burglary and theft, and served over a year in state prison for those charges. 

Because of his previous conviction, the sheriff's office said that an additional charge for " felon in possession of a weapon" is in the works. Jeffcott remains in jail on $60,000 bond.