Florida’s first women's psychiatric hospital to open in Tampa

A psychiatric hospital for women that’s the first of its kind in Florida will be built in Tampa.

Gracepoint Wellness announced plans for the state’s first women's neuropsychiatric hospital. The nonprofit’s chief operating officer said there was a growing demand for this kind of care.

"Most of the programs that we run or coed, as is the case with most of the programs across the state, and some of the feedback that we receive from the women was that there wasn't a feeling of safety where they could talk about issues that disproportionately affect women," Roaya Tyson of Gracepoint Wellness said.

The Mariposa Women’s Neuropsychiatric Hospital will add 24 beds to Gracepoint Wellness in Seminole Heights for this kind of care. The staff said this project would not be possible without the lobbying of Representative Kathy Castor. She named the nonprofit as one of her community projects awarding them a $2 million grant toward construction.

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"This was a need. Just crying out for a little help, a little federal help. It doesn't get them all the way there, but it gets them a good way down the road," Castor.

Gracepoint Wellness said this space will help women deal with trauma from things like substance abuse, domestic violence, and sexual assault without having to worry about the cost of care. 

The therapists and counselors are trauma-informed and women. There will be a meditation area and options for individualized care based on whatever is needed.

"We thought, what a great opportunity for us to have something for women run by women, and that is staffed with women," Tyson said.

Construction should start this fall and the facility is expected to open next Summer.

It will accept voluntary and involuntary patients for care.