Floridians, including a Riverview man, among those arrested in U.S. Capitol riot

Over 60 people were arrested following the pro-Trump riot in Washington D.C., and at least three of those individuals are from Florida, including one from Riverview.

During a press conference, the D.C. police chief said only one of the people arrested by his agency lives in the District. 

In a news release, the U.S. Capitol police listed three Florida residents who were taken into custody for unlawful entry:

  • Matthew Council, Riverview
  • John Anderson, St. Augustine
  • Michael Curzio, Summerfield

D.C. police told FOX 5 that dozens were arrested in connection to the the riot. As of Thursday morning, police reported 61 curfew-violation arrests, including 25 arrests for curfew violations and unlawful entry on the Capitol Grounds.

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This also includes eight arrests for curfew violations on U.S. Capitol Grounds and 28 curfew violations throughout the city.