Flower Me Tampa Décor and Rentals provides a special bloom

Flower Me Tampa Décor and Rentals is an event planning company based in the Tampa area that specializes in ‘bloom boards’. 

"You’re not going to find them anywhere else, only at Flower Me Tampa," says owner Erica Jourdain.

Bloom boards are artificial flower boards shaped into any letter, number, or logo the customer wants. "The very first thing people want to do is touch it, because they don’t believe that they are fake flowers," says Erica. 

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She says the bloom boards provide a great photo opportunity for any event. 

Every bloom board is made custom. Erica has made them for weddings, birthday parties, high schools, radio stations, and even television shows. 

"It brings that wow moment to every single event," says Erica.

To check out the bloom boards, and everything else Erica offers by clicking here