Fly along the Sunshine Skyway with one of the fastest wind-powered sports

The last time you drove over the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, did you notice lots of kiteboarders? It's becoming more popular and you'll never see a better view than from the FOX 13 drone.

Tampa Bay is definitely one of the best spots for kiteboarding.

The sport is based on the wind, but you don’t need too much wind to get going.

Drew from Best Pro Kite Boarding says the season is just getting started.

Drew’s company teaches the lessons and sells the equipment. He says it’s one of the fastest wind-powered sports in the world.

The speeds are remarkable considering there are no motors powering this sport.

Drew says the sport is very safe. It might be intimidating, but kids as young as 13 are kiteboarding in the bay.

It takes about 10 hours of instruction for a kiteboarder to be comfortable to go at it alone. For information on classes, visit