Food truck raises money for kids

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A tragic life changing event changes the focus of a father, who is now striving to help children.

Robert Harrison is very particular about his bar-b-que. The Kansas City transplant has been cooking most of his life.

"I do Italian food, different kinds of food, seafood as well," Robert said.

The former construction manager has found a new niche in life that gives his kitchen skills meaning.

"I always wanted to do something with children and the homeless as a result I have this truck," Robert explained.

Robert purchased a food truck and began volunteering his time cooking, to help charities raise funds for children in need.

"Just trying to get a message to the kids that no matter how talented you are all you have to do is make one mistake one day and you can lose everything."

Robert began his new found mission after the death of his son. He was an up and coming rapper name B-Xtreme who lost his life to drugs in 2015.

"A couple of years ago he was a rapper here in Tampa and just made a mistake one day," Robert said. "Made a bad decision and took drugs and had a stroke and died."

Robert found purpose out of personal tragedy.

"A mission has been revealed to me. Basically to just kind of give back."

A legacy that he hopes will change the lives of young people.

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