For 20 years, Florida Botanical Gardens has been an outdoor escape in Largo

The Florida Botanical Gardens, nestled in Largo, is a sight to see. While this may be its 20th year in existence, the park is not celebrating it as they previously thought they would.

While celebrations were postponed or canceled, it's one of the few places that remained open during the pandemic. 

"We're actually celebrating our 20th year this year. We had a lot of events planned, but we're still open," explained Emily Bloxam, the communications coordinator. "We are a county park, so we are open to the public. In fact, before the beaches reopened, it got a little crowded in here because it was one of the few places to go."

Bloxam said she is grateful the gardens got as much attention as it did.

"There's so much to see. We have a lot of different gardens to see. There's the tropical fruit garden, the herb garden, palm garden," she said. 

For its 20-year celebration, the Florida Botanical Gardens placed artwork from local artists around the gardens, like this one from Donald Gialanella. (FOX 13 News)

The Florida Botanical Gardens is open seven days a week, and it's free to visit. The state may be in the heart of the summer, but it's all the more reason to stop by. 

Besides, there is plenty of shade as you take the scenic stroll along the gardens' winding path.

"Because it's so hot, all of our tropical plants are in bloom," Bloxam said. "The tropical fruit garden looks amazing right now, so there's that."

Typically, events are held throughout the year, including its annual Holiday Lights in the Garden. This year, Bloxam said, it may look a little different.

"As of now, we are moving forward with planning," she explained. "It's normally a donation-based but we are probably going to have to do some sort of ticketing and capacity for that. We are working out the logistics."

To learn more about the Florida Botanical Gardens, click here.