Ford Bronco culture stronger than ever ahead of brand resurrection

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Shawn Mendelsohn has had his 1979 Ford Bronco sitting around, gathering dust, for the last 17 years. 

Little did he know his old clunker was worth so much.

“As you can see it’s for sale to the highest bidder,” Mendelsohn said. “I’m getting people from Missouri, Georgia, a couple people from New York.”

The South Tampa resident posted his Bronco on Craigslist as a restoration project for $3,000 but expects to get a higher offer.

There are very few Bronco’s to be found in the United States, let alone Central Florida. One in better shape was spotted on the site for almost $40,000.   

Brett Williams is a salesman for A to Z Autos in Sarasota, he’s always on the lookout for a Bronco.

“I actually sold it to a guy and shipped it up to Maine for him, so that should tell you how hard they are to find considering  I shipped one across the U.S.”

Ford Motor Company is also, not ignoring the Bronco’s popularity.  The company announcing it will return in 2020 with a base price expected around $30,000.

Many think the infamous White Bronco in the 1994 OJ Simpson chase did the trick. An estimated 95 million Americans watched the two-hour chase that didn’t end until Simpson turned himself in at his home.

“Not only the history of the OJ thing but the truck runs great,” Mendelsohn said.