Former deputy and wife arrested for stalking neighbor

Polk County deputies have arrested a former law enforcement officer and his wife after they say they repeatedly stalked their next door neighbors.

Arrest documents say 55-year-old Richard Ringer and his wife 52-year-old Joy Ringer repeatedly photographed and recorded their neighbors Scot and Marion Ellis. Investigators say the Ringers also made threats against the Ellis' lives and the life of their dog.

The report states that Ringer was angered by the noise from boats behind the Ellis home.

Scot Ellis is a world-champion water skier, but he says most of his practicing doesn't happen in the lake behind his home and he's gone most of the year.

Deputies also say the Ringers made derogatory statements to Marion Ellis about her French heritage. The state attorney's office even warned Richard Ringer, according to arrest documents.

In a meeting an investigator from the office said the Ringers' behavior could land them in jail. It only got worse, according to the report and led to the arrest.

Ellis says he's hopeful the attacks are over.

"It was just a lot of childish uncalled for stuff. It's been going on for a while and finally it's come to an end. My wife and I can get some peace. It's just unfortunate it took this long but we're happy it's over," said Ellis.

A judge ordered the Ringers have no contact with the Ellis' in granting them a bond. They were still in the Polk County Jail Thursday night.