Former FBI special agent reveals possible profile of Vegas shooter

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A former FBI special agent painted a picture of Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock as a walled-off, complicated subject for investigators to decipher.

"This is not traditional," said the agent, David Couvertier, who interrogated numerous suspects over his decades-long FBI career.

Paddock's ability to seal himself off is the first clue. Couvertier said Paddock's career working in the postal service and IRS is telling.

"He is very familiar with following the rules and the laws and staying within parameters to keep off the radar," said Couvertier.

Couvertier says it's likely Paddock got advice on guns, tactics and plotting from separate experts who wouldn't have been able to tie it together.

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"This individual probably planned to do this and acquired the logistics and the resources for quite some time," Couvertier said.

Paddock was also a successful gambler and real estate investor. A risk taker, but not willing to go "all in" unless he knew he'd win.

Hence, the cameras to keep watch outside the room.

Knowledge of the casino would help him bring in an arsenal and keep cleaning staff out.

"You don't go somewhere fresh and try to do something like this," said Couvertier. "You're intimidated by the new environment. You don't know the security. He felt very comfortable there."

But the money he made as a gambler could be critical.


"That might be the downfall of what happened here," said Couvertier. "Did he lose his shirt because of something going on? Was he involved in something overseas or something illegal that's about to come down?"

Couvertier also says Paddock's method of attack will draw attention from profilers. Paddock shot from far away and could not have known who his victims would be, pointing to a detached man lacking compassion.

The question now is, what or who radicalized Stephen Paddock?

Investigators said they're looking into the wiring of $100,000 to a Philippino account belonging to his live-in girlfriend.

Couvertier says Interviewing her right away will be critical.

Couvertier also wants to know what, if any, impact his father's criminal history - as one of the FBI's Most Wanted - may have.