Former pro wrestler sentenced to life in ex-girlfriend's stabbing

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Yolanda McGuire logged on to Skype and suddenly she was front-and-center at the sentencing for her daughter's killer.

After a deep breathe, she talked about the bond she once had with her daughter, Bianca.

"We were like two peas in a pod. You see one, you see the other," a tearful McGuire explained.

She also shared the heartbreak of having that bond broken.

"A week and a half after her 25th birthday, our worst fears came true. The person that was supposed to love and protect  our daughter was the one who ended her short life," said McGuire.

Former pro wrestler Bryan McGhee, known also as Donovan Ruddick, or "The Future," sat slumped in his chair during McGuire's testimony Friday. His next stop is prison.

After the U.S. Supreme Court put Florida's death penalty in limbo, McGhee took advantage in July, pleading guilty to first degree murder and getting life in prison.

Hillsborough assistant state prosecutor Ronald Gale said three years ago, McGhee stabbed his ex- girlfriend, Bianca McGaughey to death as she walked her dog. When the knife broke, prosecutors said he went back to his car to grab another one and continue the attack.

Gale said he then bragged about it.

"There were also admissions made on social media, made by Mr. McGhee, specifically Facebook," said Gale.

The social media posts included some gruesome pictures of the murder.

While McGhee avoids the possibility of death row, he will never leave prison alive. A harsh truth that isn't lost on Bianca's mother.

"The comforting thing is, you have the rest of your life in prison and think why you hurt the one person who could do anything for you," said McGuire.