Alligator attack suspected after man's body found in Largo pond

Largo police believe a man whose body was found in Taylor Lake Tuesday morning was attacked by an alligator.

Florida Fish and Wildlife officials are searching for the nuisance gator after the body of a 47-year-old man was found around 8 a.m.

Police said they believe the victim was looking for disc golf discs in the lake that's located off of 8th Avenue Southwest inside John S. Taylor Park. 

Around the lake, there are signs warning visitors to avoid swimming due to the presence of alligators. Neighbors say alligator sightings are a daily occurrence. 

"I took my son for a walk today, and we’ve seen eight of them moving around," said Paul Demeo.  "I believe it’s mating season right now."

Demeo says he plays disc golf in Taylor Park almost daily. The lake-side course is extremely popular. Disc golf players explain discs can easily end up in the lake on some parts of the course. 

"I love this course," said Tim Hamilton. "I always skip hole 11 though because discs are expensive and I don’t wanna go in the water."

Despite numerous signs warning about alligators and prohibiting entry into the lake, Demeo says people are often seen wading into the lake to look for errantly thrown discs. 

"I’ve seen a guy just in swimming shorts collecting these discs," said Demeo. "I asked him why he does it he says it’s for the money. $25 or $35 a disc." 

Two years ago, a man who was looking for discs in the same lake survived being bitten by an alligator on his face and hand.  

"It’s not worth it," said John Croke, whose house backs into the park. "It’s crazy. You know I just can’t believe that they go out there looking for discs."  

The victim's identity in Tuesday’s attack is not being released until next of kin has been notified.

The FWC reminded residents and visitors not to swim or walk near the lake at any time. 

As of Tuesday evening at least one large alligator had been trapped and taken away for forensic examination.