Gabby Gifford campaigns to stop gun violence in Tampa

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Before Lisa Wheeler Bowman became a city councilwoman and activist, she was a mother who lost her son to gun violence in 2008. Her son's killer is now in prison. 

While it's personal for Bowman, she is very public about stopping gun violence and voting for change this November.

"We can't prevent every gun tragedy, but we can do our part to prevent guns getting into the wrong hands, " said Bowman.

A big colorful bus - called The Vocal Majority Bus Tour - rolled up to the front steps of city hall in St. Petersburg Thursday. It's part of a program spearheaded by former Congresswoman Gabby Gifford and her husband Captain Mark Kelly.

Former Governor Charlie Crist was on hand, giving his support for stricter gun rules.

 "We need to have more stringent background checks," said Crist.

Statistics show more than 90 people lose their lives to gun violence every day. Every mass shooting  puts a big spotlight on gun laws and the push for reform.

But miles away from city hall, Lewis Stephens with the organization, I Support Youth has a different take
on the bus tour.

"It's all politics, and we can't deal in that. We need the money and the resources to really stop this, " said Stephens

He says the organization is only a year old and has helped dozens of teens get off the street, and get their first jobs. 

Stephens says press conferences and legislation won't stop gun violence, but getting involved in the community will.

"If we really want to stop the gun violence, we got to roll up our sleeves and get to work inside of the community, going door-to-door and asking parents, 'what can we do to help your child?'" said Stephens.